AGRO comes out with new animation movies

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At the interzum in Guangzhou 2014 in China and at the ISPA Expo in New Orleans, US, AGRO International has presented not only its high-quality innersprings but also three new animation movies which highlight the special characteristics of Bonnell and pocket innersprings in a special way.

The name “Bonni” comes from Bonnell. Bonni is characterized by great air permeability as well as reliability and stability. These special advantages are shown in the animation movies “Springy with internal freshness” and “Springy united power and stability”.

The name “Taschi” comes from the German word for pocket spring “Taschenfederkern”. Our products are “Made in Germany” so it seems natural to give our animated springs German names too. Taschi the pocket spring convinces customers due to its high level of point elasticity which is shown in the animation movie “Springy point by point”.

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