Green thinking at AGRO

We cannot foresee the future – but we can actively contribute to ensuring that our children and grandchildren experience a world that is worth living in.

Climate protection and the sustainable use of resources are amongst the most important issues of our time. As a family-owned company we think in generations not just the short term. Many years ago we started to evaluate our products and processes against the criteria of sustainability. Our clear vision, then as now: to strive to be the pioneer in our industry – in green innovations, too. We see this as our responsibility.

Due to their recyclability, innersprings are perfectly suited to provide a sustainable solution in comfort – and we continue to refine the details of them every day. We also constantly set new standards in production and logistics in terms of eco friendliness as well as energy and resource efficiency.

Our measures make a difference – no matter which innerspring from the AGRO range you choose.

Our certifications at a glance


  • DIN EN ISO 50001 energy management
  • DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management
  • OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, annex 6, product class I (certificate: 10.0.77270)
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management
  • LGA quality certificates for all groups of AGRO products

Product quality
that pays off

  • Outstanding quality of raw material, sophisticated product concepts and accurate manufacturing are the foundation
  • Our own test laboratory ensures the highest quality
  • Approved durability over the entire life cycle allows for effective resource protection

Continuous product development

  • Ongoing development to optimise raw material utilisation and enhance Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) solutions
  • Development of the first innerspring (prototype) consisting of biodegradable material in 2013
  • Introduction of innerspring solutions for foam free mattresses that are optimised for recycling processes in 2018
  • Pioneer in the development of C2C ready pocket innersprings

Strict waste management and recycling

  • Close cooperation with a local recycling company for more than 20 years
  • Our own recycling machine allows for shredding, separating and recycling of innersprings that do not meet our high quality standards
  • Strict waste management with 30 different types of waste, which are collected separately and mainly re-used or recycled
  • Application of re-use systems wherever possible – one example is our own deposit system for pallets

Permanent optimisation of energy efficiency

  • Continuous improvement of processes and investment in state-of-the-art technologies
  • Internal development of production machinery with the highest energy efficiency
  • State-of-the-art compressor control system
  • Future-orientated heating system that is based on heat recovery
  • LED lighting, including an intelligent lighting system
  • Active membership of a certified regional business network focusing on energy efficiency (REGINEE Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim)
  • Training of employees on energy efficiency (including apprentices in vocational training)

Future-oriented mobility

  • All AGRO-owned vehicles, including trucks, meet the latest emission standard
  • Increasing share of e-/ hybrid cars
  • E-charging stations at the company site
  • Use of electrical forklifts in the logistics department

CO2 savings in transport

  • Minimised distances due to group-owned suppliers of wire, machinery and machinery replacement parts located on the company site in Bad Essen
  • Further important supplier s nearby (German y / European neighbouring countries)
  • Eco-friendly delivery of wire rod by train, by using our own railway siding track on-site

Selected raw material

  • Use of wire from our own drawing mill that is consistently geared to sustainability
  • Environmentally friendly production process with mechanical descaling
  • Research and development in cooperation with suppliers and external institutions to enhance materials and processes

Optimised packaging

  • Compression by rolling machines enables savings in volume for transport and warehousing
  • In-house developed packaging technology for minimum use of resources
  • Our innersprings are rolled in paper, a material which is fully recyclable