Why an innerspring mattress is the best foundation for healthy sleep

1. Climate within the mattress
The open structure of an innerspring unit offers optimal ventilation of the mattress. Heat and humidity are channeled to the outside, which counters mould formation and bed mites.

2. Body support
Innerspring systems provide an optimal support to each individual part of the body, thanks to the coils reacting actively against the natural sleeper’s movements. The result is a highly comfortable mattress.

3. Stability and durability
The key to durability and sustained sleeping comfort is high quality wire such as that used by AGRO. This ensures that springs return into their original position again and again even under the highest strain. Even over long periods of use sleeping comfort isn’t compromised because the springs retain most of their strength.

4. Point elasticity (vis a vis pocket innersprings)
Mattresses that have a center-glued pocket innerspring system adapt ergonomically to the body. The springs within this unit are able to move independently from each other – and can adapt to the body shape and to the movement of the sleeper. The higher the coil count, the finer the adaptation.

5. Eco friendliness
Innerspring mattresses are the best basis for eco-minded sleeping: the components of innersprings are 100% recyclable.

Some advice on the purchase of mattresses

  • For reasons of hygiene, the life of a mattresses ranges from 7 up to a maximum of 10 years
  • You can find your perfect mattress only by trying them out and with the advice of qualified staff from specialised stores
  • Seals of quality can be helpful  – but it is also important to ask which particular features the seal relates to and establish whether the awarding organisation is reputable