Pocket innersprings – diversity and comfort to meet the highest demands

Pocket innersprings are masters of flexibility: By placing the springs in individually separated pockets of fabric, rows of springs are produced, which are connected to each other. The springs within their pockets are able to move individually thus creating a high level of ergonomic adaptability and therefore excellent body support.

Pocket springs from AGRO – named A.POC – are highly sophisticated systems that are perfectly adaptable to your needs. Within the so-called Classic line, we differentiate between two types: Punktoflaex (centre-glued) and Surface-Bonded (surface-glued). In addition, of course, A.POC quality is also found in other formats – have a look at our Mini and Special line to learn more.


The Punktoflaex pocket innersprings of the A.POC Classic line from AGRO deliver superior sleeping comfort. The centre-glued bonding of each row of springs allows for the individual flexibility of every single spring delivering a high degree of body support. This means that, depending on the coil count, a fine up to finest level of ergonomic adaptation to body weight is achievable. All this with the added confidence of AGRO‘s commitment to using quality raw materials and the highest standards of production.

  • Classic, centre-glued pocket innerspring system for a wide range of applications
  • Available with different zonings, nested and partly nested models as well as models being equipped with frames
  • Enormous point elasticity for optimum comfort


If you are searching for a pocket innerspring system that is particularly cost effective then the surface-bonded type of the A.POC Classic line could be a good choice for you. Due to its way of bonding it combines the highly elastic pocket innerspring system with a fl at surface. During upholstery, you can save a whole step in production – while gaining an uncomplicated system in proven AGRO quality.

  • Classic surface-bonded pocket innersprings for a wide range of applications
  • Available with different zonings, nested and partly nested models as well as models being equipped with frames
  • High elasticity, combined with a high level of cost efficiency


A low height and the best ergonomic features – this is A.POC Mini. Being identical in structure to the product line A.POC Classic (Punktoflaex), these innersprings combine high technical standards with small physical dimensions. This makes them the first choice for all applications where an optimum level of comfort is needed in a minimum of size – for example in crib mattresses, in premium upholstery or as a particularly comfortable spring system for mattress toppers.

  • Centre-glued pocket innersprings at low coil heights
  • Enormous point elasticity for ideal comfort
  • Available with different zonings, nested and partly nested models as well as models being equipped with frames


You want something a bit different? Whilst the classic A.POC-pocket innersprings provide a great solution in comfort for the highest demands combined with a wide range of applications, the product line A.POC Special completes our offer by meeting a range of specialist and innovative needs. Below you will find spring units combining different coils within one product – or others assembled without glue.


  • New pocket innerspring system with two layers creating an integrated ‘box effect’: Solid base and soft cover for a very special comfort experience
  • Exact alignment of springs and clean edges thanks to its innovative double pocket technology, welding two springs on top of each other
  • Suitable for sleepers of different shapes, sizes and needs



  • Innovative innerspring system with two different coil types that are vertically staggered for a particularly smooth absorption of the pressure load
  • Dense surface due to nested placement of the springs



  • Unique pocket innerspring system with particularly distinctive zoning, using different coil diameters and a special welding technology
  • Meets high ergonomic demands


  • Innovative glueless pocket spring within a mini format (height: 2.5 cm)
  • Extra flexible – recommended for mattress toppers or for a multilayered setup
This product line has a wide range of potential specification options.
We look forward to discussing and agreeing with you the best specification to meet your particular needs.