Bonnell innersprings – the versatile classic

A spring, two knots: the Bonnell spring is really an original. Bonnell innersprings are acknowledged to be the ‘classic’ amongst innerspring systems – because stability and durability never go out of date. Due to their large hollow spaces, Bonnell innersprings have a particularly high air permeability. Therefore, humidity can be released to the outer air easily – providing the optimal climatic conditions within the mattress.

Bonnell innersprings at AGRO – named A.BON – are available in three product lines: Classic, Mini and Special so you will certainly find a suitable solution for your needs.


Bonnell innersprings are often considered to be the ‘classic’ amongst innerspring systems. AGRO‘s product line the A.BON Classic combines the acknowledged strengths of the Bonnell system with those of AGRO: decades of experience, selected wires and absolute precision in production. Together this delivers a strong foundation for a range of top-quality products to suit many different applications.

  • Classic Bonnell innersprings with 4, 5 and 6 turns for a wide range of applications, optionally equipped with a frame
  • High stability and durability
  • Particularly high air permeability of the system


Small is beautiful: The A.BON Mini combines all the strengths of the A.BON Classic innersprings – but with a lower coil height. This creates an uncomplicated innerspring system with less height that has a range of uses such as crib mattresses, for upholstery and as a base unit for a divan bed.

  • Bonnell innersprings with 4 turns at low coil heights, optionally equipped with a frame
  • High stability and durability in a small format
  • Particularly high air permeability of the system


While classic Bonnell innersprings are usually associated with one consistent coil type, A.BON Special presents another approach: particularly high permeability, stability and reliability of the Bonnell innerspring, combined with ergonomically adapted zoning, a characteristic which is well-known in the pocket innerspring system. This altogether results in high sleeping comfort in best A.BON quality.

  • Bonnell innersprings with 4 or 5 turns including all the strengths of the Bonnell system, optionally equipped with a frame
  • Ergonomically adapted zoning, being achieved either by different waist diameters (4 turns) or different wire diameters (5 turns)
This product line has a wide range of potential specification options.
We look forward to discussing and agreeing with you the best specification to meet your particular needs.