Cradle-to-Cradle ready innersprings.

The ever-increasing waste problem, finite resources and growing legislative demands are causing a need for us all to re-think. This means not only to actively promote recycling processes but also to think and work in continuous cycles to support an environment that is worth living in, now and in the future.

As a manufacturer of innersprings, AGRO has a product that has the best prerequisites in terms of sustainability. Over the past two decades, we have built up an extensive know-how in the recycling of our products. Every single one of our products can be recycled and we set a good example by recycling, using our own recycling machine, any innersprings that do not meet our exacting quality standards. But simple recycling whilst undoubtedly being the first step is no longer enough for us. As a pioneer of circular thinking in our business we develop solutions of the highest quality that make Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) processing possible for all types of innersprings. We are motivated by the idea of creating the conditions that allow a new innerspring unit to be made from used ones – with no loss of quality. This is how ‘sleeping comfort of the next generation‘ is created – in the truest sense.

The following technologies are the first in our ‘green portfolio‘ which will actively expand as new selected solutions come on stream. We are absolutely convinced that it is our responsibility to take this step now and we want to encourage our customers to go along with us.

Let‘s work together to make the sleep sector sustainable!

A.NEXT Pure – Bonnell and LFK

Simple and good


  • Maximum stability and air permeability combined with a low amount of resources needed
  • One component, one cycle: The wire is shredded and melted – new wire can be produced


The classic and proven “green solution”

A.NEXT Uni – Pocket PES

A.NEXT Uni – Pocket PES

Adhesive and fabric unified
  • Fully C2C ready pocket innerspring – a milestone in innerspring development
  • Three components, two circles: fabric and adhesive are both polyester based and can – after separation from wire – be melted and reused without further separation
  • The PES technology is available for selected pocket innersprings of the AGRO range


The perfect basis for your “pocket innerspring mattress of the next generation”

Thinking in cycles with our

A.NEXT innersprings

Separate, process and reuse on the same level
Sleeping comfort of the NEXT generation – NOW!

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The product line A.NEXT offers several potential specification options. Please contact us directly – we look forward to creating the A.NEXT that best meets your needs.